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Office Space Movie Review - 1168 Words

The organization shown in the movie (INITECH) was clearly a case of multicultural environment comprised several identities, nationalities and different religions. (E.g. Samir is an Arab Muslim) In the light of contractual relationship among employees as well as employees with their organization, we have observed several types of contracts such as psychological contract (peter with himself which after the hypnotism has been changed significantly during the story), the implicit contract between Lumbergh as the boss and concerned department in INITECH†¦ Due to the fact that the management performance in several terms such as staffing, communication, coherence performance, positive organizational beliefs/values and constructing proper†¦show more content†¦1-2. Space : Working space Symptoms: - Peter was totally unhappy with space shortage in his cubic working place. He also suffered from lack of privacy and several distractions caused by noise of Miltons radio and operators continuous responses to incoming telephone calls, and eventually he destroyed the front wall of his cubic space as a sign of dissatisfaction and conflict as well. - Milton was suffered from having to change his working place all the time as Lumbergh emphasized on limiting his working space as well as changing his place even to the lowest floor level. 1-3. Things : Symptom: - Milton was very sensitive to his beloved stapler and was always concerned that someone will notice hes kept his red Swing line stapler after the company had switched to another brand, but it was only a normal stationary tool to others as well as Lumbergh who at last took it away from him. 1-4. Agreement : Symptom: - There was a difference in the perception of working agreement between Milton who considered himself as an employee getting his paycheck monthly and the company which discovered that Milton had actually been laid off five years before, but through a glitch in accounting, still continued to receive monthly paychecks. 2. Conflicts: Apparently, some of the differences mentioned above may lead to conflicts with destructive results if not paid proper attentionShow MoreRelatedOffice Space Movie Review1150 Words   |  5 PagesOffice Space: Emotional Competency Analysis In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course Communication 478-1: Organizational Communication By: Samson Mengesha Date: Nov. 25/ 2011 Office space, a critically acclaimed film, portrays many significant themes one faces in an organization. Although it may seem like this movie was a comically based office story, it tells a deeper story about one, Peter Giffins and his environment in the work place as he goes to work every dayRead MoreImpact Of Digital Media On Cinema1690 Words   |  7 Pagesof appealing promotional materials, or keep them at home by offering them cinema experience at home. Production The first and foremost change lies in the way films are produced. Films productions become easier than ever that ‘anyone can make a movie’ (Hanson 2008, p. 264). Digital cameras have been gradually replacing traditional cameras due to its advantages: cost–saving and time–saving. Traditional cameras are limited to the number and length of shots that can be taken, while digital camerasRead MoreSuperhero Comics : The Age Of Marvel Essay1411 Words   |  6 Pagestelevision, to video games and licensed properties like toys and t-shirts† (p. 318). In fact, three of the top ten highest grossing movies of all time (Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and The Avengers) are based on superheroes (All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses). Ever since the inception of superhero movies in the nineties, film companies saw the potential to making a lot of money by capitalizing on bringing the many stories of various superheroes to the big screen. However, with film co mpanies soRead MoreThe Creative Process Of Making A Film1252 Words   |  6 Pagesdeveloped for a screenplay to the moment it gains distribution, for a movie to reach the masses. An example of this is Apocalypse Now, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, which took over three years to get through pre and postproduction (Hearts of Darkness). The creative process of making a film from an idea to a completed project is an incredibly intricate process, and it includes numerous people doing a multitude of jobs. Every movie starts with an idea. This idea for a story is then developed and turnedRead MoreComparing Yelp, Tripadvisor And Netflix Essay1602 Words   |  7 Pagespetabyte-scale data warehouse, uses MapReduce extensively and builds its infrastructure on Amazon cloud, and uses Amazon Simple Storage Service to store daily logs and photos of businesses. TripAdvisor, found in 2000, is a travel website that offers reviews of travel-related content such as hotels, restaurants, and attractions. TripAdvisor is using several Big Data techniques to provide such service, ranging from large-scale real-time analytics, predictive analytics, data mining and statistical modellingRead MoreAnalysis of M. Night Shyamalan ´s After Earth1296 Words   |  6 Pagesintriguing and captivating as this catch phrase sounds, the film as a whole may not fit that classification. While M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth (2013) is ineffective in reaching some of its audiences as anticipated, others seem to have enjoyed the movie thoroughly. The film opens with a promising story where humans are forced to escape a polluted Earth inhabited by an alien race that is trained to exterminate them and retreat to Nova Prime, a new home, to find refuge. General Cypher Rage, played byRead MoreMovie Review : The Big Sleep 1267 Words   |  6 PagesFilm Review of T he Big Sleep The Big Sleep was originally written as a novel in 1939 by Raymond Chandler. Philp Marlowe, a private investigator was hired by a wealthy general to help in resolve the blackmailing and gambling debts of his wild daughter, Carmen. Things get off to a quick start in the movie and it immediately begins to unravel, Marlowe suddenly had found himself in a deep web of love triangles, blackmail, murder, gambling, and organized crime. Vivian the oldest daughter of the generalRead MoreA Look At Isaac Mizrahi And The Eccentric World He Represents. Crude And Lewd With Attitude1336 Words   |  6 Pagesthe reveal of Mizrahi’s collection. Eccentric colors, exaggerated shapes, and fur galore encapsulate Mizrahi’s zany qualities. His vibrant designs, bouncy music, and all-star models scream success. Coming full circle, Mizrahi ventures to pick up a review. While the action mirrors the beginning of the film, critics now respond positively, ending Mizrahi’s journey on a high note. Unzipped aims to unveil Mizrahi’s involvement within the fashion industry. Ideologically the documentary highlights theRead MoreThe Theories Of Piaget And Erikson1121 Words   |  5 PagesSpecial Topics course (PSY 4337) when I wanted to assess whether or not students read the assigned reading, I developed a list of questions based on the reading about emotions that applied to the movie Inside Out. At the beginning of class, students were provided with the list of questions. We watched the movie while students answered the questions. The students informed me that they enjoyed activity and that it helped further their understanding of the reading. My incorporation of mainstream mediaRead MoreMovie Review : The Movie, Philadelphia And A Dumb Man Who Experienced Many Important Events Throughout History1700 Words   |  7 PagesTom Hanks once said, â€Å"Sometimes a man just wants the impossible.† In his lifetime, most would agree that Hanks achieved the impossible th rough his acting career; he personalized many influential movie parts from a gay lawyer with AIDS in the movie Philadelphia to a dumb man who experienced many important events throughout history in Forrest Gump. This shift in the acting world happened on July 9, 1956 when a star was born. Thomas Jeffrey Hanks was born in Concord, California; his parents names are

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Phenomenon Of The Industrial Revolution - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1165 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/06/14 Category Art Essay Level High school Tags: Romanticism Essay Did you like this example? The Industrial Revolution catalyzed one of the most prevalent literary movements in human history, as the harsh living conditions forced writers and poets to evolve from mimetic writing, to expressionist writing. The people of Europe were seemingly surrounded by the harsh realities of living in a rapidly evolving country, many of them feeling as though they were incapable of escaping the factories located on every dirty street corner. Directly following the Enlightenment, the Romantic Era brought a new style of description and expression to the dull streets of newly industrialized Europe, as writers felt unfulfilled and uninspired by conventional mimetic expression, leading to an era of deep introspection and self-examination in the literary community. This new style of writing was composed of pointed political rhetoric, flawlessly integrated with descriptions of nature, in stark contrast to the mechanical and unforgiving Realist style of writing that existed in Europe prior to the emergence of Romanticism. In example, William Wordsworth revolutionized poetry after traveling France, and being exposed to the rampant poverty that permeated the French way of life. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Phenomenon Of The Industrial Revolution" essay for you Create order The French people did not revolt against the monarchy that rendered them starving and helpless until the closing of the American Revolution, as the patriotism and righteousness that characterized Americars rise to political independence inspired the downtrodden French citizens. William Wordsworth wrote about the deplorable scenes of poverty that he witnessed throughout France, leading to harsh criticism from institutions that supported the French monarchy. Poets during this era took cues from the already industrialized American continent, wish resulted in an influx of political and social commentary dispersed throughout their poems and other written works. Wordsworth focused primarily in his poetry on class division, and it can be argued that this rampant Classism was caused by the stress of the Industrial Revolution on the newly divided french state. Wordsworthrs most famous piece of writing, The Lyrical Ballads, put strong emphasis on the financial and social disparities of people living in Europe at the time of the Industrial Revolution, and truly revolutionized poetry in the way that he chose to utilize unconventional rhyming and free verse. In example, Sweet is the lore which nature brings; Our meddling intellect, Misshapes the beauteous forms of things; †We murder to dissect, (Wordsworth, Lyrical Ballads). This excerpt demonstrates the strong emphasis that Wordsworth and other writers of his time period put on the Human Condition, and the ideals that make a human being feel alive and in tune with nature. Wordsworth continuously acknowledges that there is a great deal of pain and suffering permeating the earth that society inhabits, but chooses to advocate for the appreciation of feeling and emotion, even if it does involve enduring sadness and grief. Another theme in the Lyrical Ballads, as well as in other works of wr iting, is the concept of human intervention and the manifestation of selfishness and destruction through the continued overutilization of natural resources. Although he was an American poet, Walt Whitman greatly contributed to the school of thought permeating Post Industrialized Europers literary community, revolutionizing Stream of Consciousness poetry, and teaching his European counterparts expressionist writing. Whitman wrote primarily about social issues, as he was deeply impacted by the cruel punishment endured by African Americans that he encountered whilst living in New Orleans. This style of expressionist writing that unapologetically revealed political and social discontent for large and seemingly impenetrable social institutions like slavery, as well as the deeply oppressive monarchical system in France- showed the literary community that Romanticism was not a fad, and would cement itself as one of the most impactful and enduring forms of literature of all time. Walt Whitman took deep inspiration from the Enlightenment period in Europe, taking from their style of writings about nature and science, and effectively intertwining this with self-expression and emotion that the Neoclassicism period lacked. Whitman wrote about his deep connection to nature and his appreciation of the natural world, emphasizing the effect that simple snapshots in nature had on his spirit, and somehow found a way to make these writings deeply political and rooted with antislavery sentiments, appealing to his liberal colleaguers viewpoints on the concepts of equality and the meaning of liberty and prosperity. Whitmanrs European counterparts expanded on his style of free verse poetry intermixed with political and social rhetoric, using this vehicle of literary expression to criticize the overutilization of natural resources, the mistreatment of the impoverished, and countless other social ills plaguing Europe during the Industrial Revolution. Another leading novelist and poet of Industrial England, is Mary Shelley. Shelley completely revolutionized the subject matter that was acceptable by writers within the literary community, and absolutely destroyed the preconception of women being confined to write only on certain subjects. Shelleyrs writings were considered highly controversial during the period in which she was alive, as she was a woman writing gothic stories with underlying themes of political and social criticism aimed at human production and the rapid advancement of technology and enterprise. Mary Shelleyrs most famous piece of writing, Frankenstein, tells the story of scientific advancement gone horribly wrong, which most historians and literary experts within the Romanticism field believe to be an allusion to her rampant distaste for technological advancement and the complete lack of emphasis put on human emotion and the wellbeing of the people around her. The Industrial Revolution put many writers into a state of emotional monotony, as they were angered by societyrs complete lack of regard for all things human and real, and the growing sense of importance placed on putrid and seemingly emotionless subjects like technological advancement and scientific innovation. It is almost impossible to write about Industrialized Europe without detailing the rise and fall of one of the most prolific and profoundly disturbed poets of all time, Edgar Allen Poe. Although Poe, like Walt Whitman was American, he greatly contributed to the gothic style of writing prevalent during the time of the Industrial Revolution that existed in Europe. Many literary experts argue that writers like Mary Shelley, and Edgar Allan Poe, discussed taboo themes that centered around death, sexuality, and the overall bleakness of life because they were surrounded by the harsh realities of living in an industrializing country that valued technological advancement above human emotion and artistic expression. The Industrial Revolution greatly impacted the subject matter that writers of the Romantic period chose to discuss, and allowed them to separate their spirits and minds from the overarching theme of dissatisfaction and numbness that permeated the psyches of people existing during this era. Authors chose to expand their styles of speech in order to escape their oppressive surroundings, leading to a form of prose that existed multifacetedly, and allowed for writers living around the world to criticize daunting institutions that they had previously believed to be insurmountable in changing. Romanticism revolutionized the way in which humans perceive their spirit and inner selves, and taught the world that emotion on all scales, and in all forms can be personified through the use of expressionist writing.

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The Movie Nightcrawler - 1001 Words

The movie â€Å"Nightcrawler† is a film that depicts a man that is a fast thinking, hard negotiating, never-give-up, criminal. This criminal, Lou, is bold enough to steal goods and then ask for a job while selling the goods he stole. His greatest desire is build a career for himself and learn a trade so that he can own his own company. Lou witnesses a horrific car crash where the car caught on fire and sees a videographer come in and video the scene and sell it. The videographer, Joe, tells him that he can sell the video to highest bidder and that it would be a top story on the news. Lou was intrigued and asked if Joe had a job, which he did not, and when Lou saw the work on the news he was convinced this was his new career. Lou steals a high-end bike and trades up at a pawn shop for a video camera and a police scanner. His first story is a carjacking story where he was able to get up close footage. Nina, the director of news, was very interested in his footage for the pure graphic nature of it and that it was related to crime. After she buys that footage from him, she gives him advice about what their particular news channel is all about. She tells him that crime in a specific location are of interest to her, not the urban areas but more about the crime that is overflowing into the suburbs. She tells Lou that it would be better if the perpetrators are minority and that the victims are white. She tells him that not necessarily bloody, but definitely graphic materialShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Movie Nightcrawler Essay1496 Words   |  6 Pagesdramatic story, not the most important. Stories beyond the scope of the United States and its interests are unlikely to garner the attention they deserv e. The film Nightcrawler captures this idea best â€Å"to capture the spirit of what we air, is think of our news cast as a screaming woman running down the street with her throat cut.† -Nightcrawler (2014). This is positive feedback in its truest form reacting to the immediate and the dramatic. An intricate story with a rich background, and history spanningRead MoreWhy Do You Pursue Something?847 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å" Why you pursue something is as important as what you pursue†( Lou Bloom, Nightcrawler). Lou Bloom is someone who did anything to survive, and anything to make that extra nickel. It went from anywhere to unlawfully taking scraps off the street and selling them to junk yards, to stalking individuals down to ask them for a job. The theme of this story would have to be Self-preservation. Because he didn’t care about the wellbeing of others all he cared about was his investment, and if it did not involveRead More`` Nightcrawler : The Homeric Pe rspective1596 Words   |  7 PagesNightcrawler Through The Homeric Perspective Have you ever been stuck in a bad mood that causes everything to happen in your day to seem bad? Have you ever had a good day with the opposite effect? Mood changes perspective on everything. You are always in a mood. Throughout different ages of the world, mood is there always influencing the day to day choices. Hero’s are portrayed in modern day society to be someone who is willing to risk their lives for others, would you consider a hero to be someoneRead MoreAnalysis Of The Film Nightcrawler1524 Words   |  7 Pages Nightcrawler Through The Homeric Perspective Have you ever been stuck in a bad mood that causes everything to happen in your day to seem bad? Have you ever had a good day with the opposite effect? Mood changes perspective on everything. You are always in a mood. Throughout different ages of the world, mood has always been there influencing the day to day choices. Hero’s are portrayed in modern day society to be someone who is willing to risk their lives for others, would you consider a hero toRead More X2: X-Men United Essay878 Words   |  4 Pagesdependent on the original X-Men movie to tell its story. X2’s plotline twists keep the viewer wondering about the loyalties of characters that appear at one moment to switch to the good side, and then just as easily revert to their roles as bad guys. Requiring the viewer to ask, â€Å"How do we know who we can trust?† Equally, the film’s visual effects are stunning without being overwhelming or redundant. We do not see action sequences repeated from the first movie but fresh new twists that appearRead MoreFilm Analysis Of Nightcrawler1378 Words   |  6 Pages Nightcrawler (Gilroy, 2014)  is about a young man, Lou Bloom who begins a career in L.A. crime journalism. He does many bizarre and unethical things, and really just goes too far to become successful in the industry.   Throughout the movie, we see how today s news and television culture will go as far as they have to for publicity. From the camera man doing whatever it takes to get a good shot, to the news companies paying top dollar for a film, in the end it s all about getting publicity and moneyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Film Nightcrawler 947 Words   |  4 Pagesevil, there can be no good. Is being a good person all about the things one does or is it about the reason one does the things they do? There s good and bad in everyone. Humanity isn t perfect, and our lives are so complex. In the film titled Nightcrawler, Louis Bloom shows viewers first-hand what it is like to be a journalist in the fast pace city of Los Angeles. Throughout the film, Louis attempts to manipulate the other characters and uses their weakness against them to get whatever he desiresRead MoreComics, The X-Men, and Popular Culture Essay4876 Words   |  20 Pagestitle and story line to read. Someone can be introduced to this form of popular culture in many different ways. These can range from being handed a comic from a family member or friend, to randomly picking up a comic on a store shelf, or by watching a movie about a certain character/team. In this seminar paper, I will explain how the comic book team the X-Men has been commercialized and advertised to society through the last five decades, how the subculture of the X-men can provide a communication link

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Understanding Schizophrenia Essay - 2372 Words

Understanding Schizophrenia Schizophrenia, although affecting only one percent of the population, has a direct affect on society today. This disease, if left untreated, poses threat to health care professionals (including psychiatrists), law enforcement personnel, and family members responsible for the care and support of the schizophrenia patient. This paper addresses the causes of schizophrenia and the myths surrounding this complicated ailment, the affect of untreated or misunderstood aspects of schizophrenia has on society and important crisis intervention strategies for those in close contact to victims of schizophrenia. The definition of schizophrenia is a group of psychotic disorders characterized by disturbances in†¦show more content†¦The risk is even greater for those relatives who are genetically similar to the schizophrenic. This theory poses important debates however. If schizophrenia is caused by simple genetics, identical twins should both be affected by schizophrenia if one twin has been diagnosed. It is rare to find a majority of identical twins affected. Studies have found there to be a weak genetic link to schizophrenia. A recent study of high-risk children found there to be little proof of a genetic link. The contrast between offspring of ill parents and offspring of normal parents was significant only for gross motor skills, but the direct affect of an ill parent on development of schizophrenia-related psychoses was not significant, which indicated a weak genetic model. (Erlenmeyer-Kimling, 28) Erlenmeyer-Kimling also noted that environment and early developmental damage could play a role in the onset on schizophrenia. This disease may have a series of triggers that could bring on the onset of the disease. These triggers could include complications during pregnancy and/or labor, prenatal exposure to a virus (especially in the fifth month when brain development occurs), and stress throughout the stages of life. (Dincin 103) Because of the complexity of the disease, many myths surround schizophrenia. One of these myths is poor parenting causes schizophrenia. Sigmund Freud and psychiatrists since him have regarded the family as the key in theShow MoreRelatedThe Psychological Understanding Of Schizophrenia2173 Words   |  9 Pagesday, the psychological understanding of the mind and schizophrenia has improved as well. From the beliefs of demons dwelling in the minds of the ancient people to understanding the true psychological understanding of this disorder and how it affects the mind. The treatment differs throughout the ages as ancient doctors and knew little on the disorder now known as schizophrenia, the treatment has varied from killing people to shock therapy today. Even though the understanding has grown there stillRead MoreEssay on Understanding Schizophrenia1698 Words   |  7 Pageseverybody seemed so distant from me. This excerpt describes part of Esse Leete 20-year battle with schizophrenia. She committed herself to leading the fullest life her disease will allow and to educating others about mental illness. Schizophrenia is a very serious disease, but through defining schizophrenia and getting the patient help and treatment a schizophrenic can lead a full life.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Schizophrenia is defined as any of a group of psychotic reactions characterized by withdrawal from realityRead MoreUnderstanding Schizophrenia Essay examples1617 Words   |  7 PagesUnderstanding Schizophrenia When a person hears the word crazy, their first thoughts are probably of symptoms of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is seen as the ideal case of insanity. The causes of this disease remain unknown, but scientists are constantly searching for answers. Although a cure for schizophrenia is surely far in the future, research and understanding is making more and more progress every day. To find a cure for schizophrenia, scientists must first understand the disease itselfRead MoreUnderstanding And Living With Someone Diagnosed With Schizophrenia922 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding and Living with Someone Diagnosed with Schizophrenia In our own everyday lives, we battle with depression, confusion, and despair. As human beings we tend to encounter things that at most time our minds can t begin to understand. Our brains are meant to assist us in everyday learning, activates, and comprehension. But someone that is suffering with schizophrenia, it can be hard to cope with everyday living and even harder for someone of normal Neuron brain condition to understandRead MoreFact, Fiction, And Perception : Understanding Schizophrenia2469 Words   |  10 PagesFact, Fiction, and Perception: Understanding Schizophrenia Tia M. Hunter Understanding Schizophrenia 1 Salem College Understanding Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a disorder of varying symptoms, in fact until the current edition of the DSM-V this disorder was broken into subtypes such as catatonic, disorganized, paranoid, undifferentiated, and residual. There many facets of schizophrenia such as auditory hallucinations, delusions, social isolation, as well as intense suspicion or agitation, eachRead MoreUnderstanding Schizophrenia And Biopsychological Case Studies Of Anxiety And Drug Abuse1791 Words   |  8 Pages Analyzing Psychological Disorders: Understanding Schizophrenia and Biopsychological Case Studies of Anxiety and Drug Abuse Susan DeVoe University of Phoenix â€Æ' Analyzing Psychological Disorders: Understanding Schizophrenia and Biopsychological Case Studies of Anxiety and Drug Abuse Let us discuss and dive into the study of a disease called schizophrenia. We will be taking a look at its symptoms, its causes, the areas of the brain it affects, its neural basis, and the appropriate drug therapiesRead MoreUnderstanding Schizophrenia and Psychosis1106 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Schizophrenia and Psychotherapy Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder  differentiated by degeneration of thought processes and of emotional reaction.  It is characterized by auditory hallucinations, delusions, or disorganized speech and thought process along with considerable social or occupational dysfunction. Onset of symptoms is usually during early adulthood. Diagnosis is based on DSM-IV criteria for diagnosis of Schizophrenia (PubMed, 2010). It mainly affects the cognition but behaviorRead MoreAn Understanding About Autism And Schizophrenia Essay1368 Words   |  6 Pagesas a whole but there are more categories that fall into it. My goal in this paper is to give you more of an understanding about autism along with its history, characteristics, and experiences from others. Historical Context Since the early nineteenth century, Eugen Bleuler, a Swiss psychiatrist was the first to use the term autism to identify schizophrenic patients. Autism and schizophrenia correlated in the minds of doctors and psychologists for many years until they started differentiating themRead MoreUnderstanding Schizophrenia From The Mind Of A Mental Health Victim1424 Words   |  6 PagesUnderstanding Schizophrenia from the Mind of a Mental Health Victim Themselves With basic information on what this mental illness is, to understand Schizophrenia further, research into personal encounters became apparent. After looking into the mind of Ian Chovil who was a victim of the mental health disease and finding his accounts very eccentric it is clear that this is something that could quite possibly affect the brains of the people that commit serious crimes in regards to the Media. Ian saysRead MoreSchizophreni The Most Devastating Mental Illness1706 Words   |  7 PagesNov 2014 Research paper Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is often times referred to as one of the most devastating mental illness. This is because of it early onset in a patients live, and also that the symptoms can be destructive not only to the patient but also their family and friends. Schizophrenia is often discussed as a single illness, but schizophrenia can include a wide array of disorders which can present many similar behavioral symptoms. More than likely schizophrenia comprises a whole group

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Power dimension in family Free Essays

is power in the family best explained by the first, second or third dimensional view of power ? When we think about power in social context it is can be termed as specific ability of influencing or controlling others . Generally authority is considered as power due to being accepted as social norms. Three dimension of Power can be understood by Lake’s academic theory which says â€Å"three faces of power†. We will write a custom essay sample on Power dimension in family or any similar topic only for you Order Now He discussed how the governments Exercise Its controlling power on people by three ways as by decision-making power, by non decision-making power and by Ideological power. Decision-making power Is easily seen In the people behavior and In the way governments wants It to be: the policy decision making power Is widespread by consulting with the Public representatives and popular voice of public. As government controls the agenda of Important Issues (such as the way education policy In India) unacceptable for Public discussion and debate which moderate public forums In case of non decision making. The third and the Important dimension of of power Is Ideological power, by which thoughts and wishes of public can be altered of influenced -We can see this in Voting patterns and manipulation for Narrate Mood led AND by Middle class even AND was opposing Public distribution system which benefits the lower middle class the Most,which is the example of even getting public want such things who are against their own benefits . Power can be used involve with or without coercion in the family. We can see the simple power relation in between the relationship of Parents and child. Parents takes various kinds of decisions for their children for their betterment and for good future . Or example parents decide about school, they do it for the good of child which is decided by hem only , He can take others advise and may be for example his neighbor may be having more capability to choose better school its comes under the authority of parents only. We can easily see the use of first dimension of power here. Power may be termed in bad meaning or unjust but the use of power is routed in even ancient Era. Its interesting to see the explanation of power in Family. Family is the basic unit of society and cultural. In the family environment, use of power can be seen in different forms. Power dimensions in the family depends on the type of Emily ,Complexity of relationships and family values, Which can be seen In Family decisions and interpersonal relations and mostly it Is evident in family decisions and behavior . Power relations and its dimensions always Influence the decisions of the Family head Ã'› At one extreme, Power can be understood as Influence, power and Influence looks different due to the way power Is used In society . The three dimension of Power is described and discussed In detail by Likes In his book, Power: A Radical View. According to him , The effectiveness and the degree of Involvement of power for any defined group or mere Individual can be understood by different criteria. The Importance of such views and outlooks Is easily explained and debated at length In Likes’ Views, as he explains how use of power can be done In more appropriate way. The One Dimensional View of Power Is best explained by the behavior in decision making, We can see this on key issues and it offers direct related to subjective interests, specially in family relations as to maintain family preferences and demonstration of authority . Family decision are almost taken by Emily head and are binding on family members as they are considered as god for them. We can see the use of first degree of power in daily family life. Its always depends on the thinking of Family head, his values understanding and need of the family. Family heads take decision to avoid the conflict . In nuclear families ,Use of first dimension of power can be easily seen as the nature of conflict and differences in interest are simple in nature. As of small size of family ,direct Communication plays very important role and conflict can be simply resolved with less involvement f negotiations, sometime by give and take relationship which can be seen openly in case of conflict. It can make or break the relationships in nuclear family where there is no influence and support of extended which provides room for flexibility in relationship. As the application of above, we can see rising no of divorce cases in urban life. First degree of power also be easily seen in Joint family in India. Although there are complex structures in family relationships in Joint families, then also there are direct conflicts which need decision by choice of family head for the interest of he family members. Normally it comes with responsibility and social obligation in joint family . Onus shifts on the earning member of the family. It is very interesting to see the structure and power relations in Indian Joint family where family interests are guided by certain family values and social pressure which is declining and tending towards nuclear family. Declining family values are weakening family bonds which better explains the three dimensional view of power. The Two Dimensional Power is Can be termed as the critique of behavior and focuses on decision-making ND non decision-making. We can even see the two dimension of power in economics of family which can be related to the earning member. Suppose parents has less income which didn’t allow them to exercise their choice to admit the child to specific school they choose . Sometimes social structure plays important role in such types of family decisions and when its prohibits or promotes exercise of choice ,3rd degree of power can be easily seen. Sometimes Parents express their displeasure about some acts of children and they are able to modify behavior even without use of force which an be termed as 2nd dimension of power. It also looks at current and potential issues and expands the focus on observable conflict to those types that might be observed overtly or covertly. But the Two Dimensional View still focuses on subjective interests, though those seen as policy preferences or even grievances . We can easily see relates to our Joint family where behavior of child is controlled by fear of parents. Even in other relations in the family , individual members of family limits ,controls and guide their behavior to accommodate the needs of other family embers. I have personally seen this in Joint families where Female members prefer to eat after every member of family finish their eating and sometimes they don’t have enough to eat. N this example we can easily see the deterrent value of two dimension of power even this is the main reason of Child and Female malnutrition in the rural part of country. Family decisions are infused by extended members, Close relatives and community members . Sometime family values have a lot say into family decisions. Family values and views of extended family members play very crucial role understand it by chill marr iage and honor killing are sues which are social evils but still in practice in India. Concept of family Honor or ZETA is closely related to the third dimension of Power. Sometime Popular views ,fashions and Our role models also play very important role in modifying or influencing our family decisions. Family Buying decisions and cultural following is the best example of third dimension of power. The Power Structure and three dimensions of power can be easily understood by happenings In Rural North India, where issue of cast, class and gender are inter elated. People have inherited tendency of enforcing cast and kinship codes from Colonial period when even Colonial court of law consider marriage without parental consent illegal . Family status and Social acceptance Plays very important role in rural life. The greater danger to the honor and zeta ideology comes from the female which tends the demands a sacrifice of the natural ties created by biology which tries to justifies honor killing. Considerations of class and status establish ones status in society which encourages members within caste for conflict and violence in intra- asset marriage alliances. The female guardianship is related to power and control The low female ratio to male also played important role in controlling female sexuality. The need of hour is to create awareness which with the help of Community and Participation of religious / social leaders to encounter the social evil of honor killing. Woman empowerment and woman reservation can also play import roll as tool of social Justice. So from the above we can see that power in the family best explained by the first, second or third dimensional view of power . How to cite Power dimension in family, Papers

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Christian Ethics & Pastoral Theology

Question: Discuss about the Report for Christian Ethics Pastoral Theology. Answer: Introduction Christian ethics is an integral aspect of theology. It enables how the people should lead virtuous behavior. Systematic theology is the study of Christian ethics that has been derived from morality. Christian virtues are based on seven important virtues. Christian ethics deals with how women should be treated, acts morality in war and how the rich should act towards the poor. Ethics play an important role in how people should live and what virtues they should strive to get. People have been found to have an issue as to how they should strive to achieve a balance between material life and live a life based on biblical balance[1]. The people in general want to lead a life that is based on the word of God and also ensure that they live their life based on their own terms. There are many important virtues and ethical guidelines that have been prescribed in Christianity. The ethical issue that will be probed in this analysis is materialism. The purpose of this analysis is to look in to the different theories related to ethics and apply it to the aspect of materialism or wealth. Analysis of the theories Morality can be defined as the factor where the end should justify the means taken to achieve a certain fact. Morality and values directs and preludes the people to act in ways that would morally right. It enables them to act to the best of their conscience. There are many theories that has been related to utilitarianism and deontology. Utilitarianism Utilitarianism revolves around the paradigm that the end should justify the means. It is developed by John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham. It fundamentally states that the outcome is derived from a course of action should have greater value derived from the latter. It states and asks the people to take advantage of their happiness for the overall good of the people and the society in general. In this notion the concept of utilitarianism depends on the concept of consequentiality.[2] Some of the mandates related to utilitarianism do not have an impact in the current health care. For example, the concept of euthanasia will be deemed based on the notion of utilitarianism. The issue with this theory is that it depends more on the philosopher rather than other factors. Many philosophers do not agree with the mandates of this theory. It is for this reason that the concepts of deontology have been practiced in many situations and advocated by many people. Practical applications of Deontology Deontology is another moral theory that is derived from the scriptures. It refers to the rules, law and intuition of the people. The concepts of deontology depend on the principles derived from Immanuel Kant. In the concept of deontology, it mandates that the actions and the outcome should be ethical. The actions are given more weight than the outcome. The course of action has been analyzed in the concept of deontology[3]. In this the philosopher tries to probe into the situation from both the angles and derived the outcome without affecting the final ethical outcome of the situation. There are three important factors that have been associated with the ethics. It is the duty of an individual. In this the individuals are expected to undertake and perform a certain task based on the inherent duty. The rightness or the wrongness of the act is the matter of innate moral values held by the individual.[4] The act of killing or lying is considered to be morally wrong in these situations the individuals really do not have duty to act on these things. The final outcome is not the only factor that has been considered in the deontological approach it is the means taken to achieve the final goal. While the people who are practicing the goal would want to function and reach positive consequences it is not the case at all times. The second factors that has been considered in this approach is that the human all have an innate moral values and sense this should be accepted. This is a difficult notion to justify. If people adopts an approach where they do not follow the theologica l doctrine it becomes difficult to justify the means. The third fact is the imperative of the people that these are universalizable[5]. It is applicable for all the people who are involved in the moral situation. Moral statements in this approach are considered to be the command that holds the people for the type of act in consideration. The issue with deontology or any ethics is the ways in which it needs to be practiced in the real world where there ae no real mandates for the people to adopt an approach. The practical needs of the people have been changing from the times these approaches have been prescribed to the people[6]. Owing to this there has been many approaches by the philosophers to combine the practical dictum with the theories of ethics.[7] There have been many modern approaches taken to these fundamental values that has been propagated in deontology. Frances Kamm's "Principle of Permissible Harm" is one such effort that the people take in order to derive a constraint that makes the people to follow the the deontological principles that has been focused on Kant categorical imperative.[8] According to this principle it has been stated that the people may harm other in order save more. Kamm feeling that most people consider the case judgement that involved the deontological intuitions. There have also been efforts taken to combine the principles of deontology with the virtue ethics and utilitarianism. There has been efforts taken to fuse many principles in order to ensure that the people live according to the ethical guidelines. One of the issues that has pervaded man is materialism. They prove to be an issue or hurdle to people. People are driven by the material need in the modern times. People need to ensure that there is a way to live ethically and also meet their needs to materialism. In this modern world the people are driven by the motive to achieve material pleasure and wealth. In this analysis the issues of materialism and its impact have been probed in detail. Application of the theories on materialism People in the world live for shirt spans of time. In this process the people tend to forget that spiritual citizenship is not based on the material acquisition. The people tend to fall prey to the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes, and the boasting of what he has and does" (v. 16, NIV). They tend to shift focus from the priorities of God to live some selfish personal lives. There has been a common sense voice that tells the people not to sacrifice the eternal life for the short temporary human life. This struggle emphasizes the people to indulge in sinful deeds and the desire to obtain possessions take over the ultimate truth.[9] An important way to achieve this mandate is through the application of contentment with the material possessions. Some possessions such as media, mutual funds and money are not destructive. They are only tools used by the people to live a materially comfortable life. But the people tend to go through a lot of destrictuve habits to gain materials. This has led to people to even assume that "think that godliness is a means to financial gain" (v. 5 NIV). Paul states godliness with contentment is great gain" (v. 6).[10] This concept of contentment is not the issue of ignoring the virtues and the reality of the practical life. Some of the materials are used to increase the necessities of life. But the methods adopted by people to achieve this paradigm has been questioned. Accumulation of material possession is not a sin. Abraham and Job in the old testament were good examples of this notion.[11] Some of the Christians are very skilled in making money and putting together positive legitimate business deals. The issue is the attitude of the people. It is the approach taken by the people to achieve wealth. The notion of amassing wealth becomes more important ant that it impacts their actions. They succumb to following unlawful practices that they justify for the pursuit of money or possessions[12]. People who are trapped by the needs of money can never really attain their spiritual goal. Historically there were a number of wealthy people who went to Ephesian church. To those people Paul offers main principle to follow. The first principles is to have a proper attitude. It is to avoid being arrogant to the people who do not have a lot of material wealth. The people assume that only material possession is a means to having security[13]. This is not the case as wealth can be easily destroyed. Another important principle is that the wealthy people should be generous and help the people who are suffering from want of material need. People acquire spiritual benefit. John 3:17 says, "If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?" (NIV).[14] In this notion the people should be fundamentally generous in reaching their goals. The spiritual benefit that the people can gain from this process and the impact it has on the society is truly spectacular. It is for this reason that Paul states it as a mandate or a rule in the ways to live[15]. Deontology can be applied to this concept of being generous. In the concept that has been propagated by deontology, it has been said that the action of the individuals and the final benefit should be considered.[16] This process of being generous and not hoarding wealth enables the society to live with basic material needs and also ensures that the spiritual needs of the people are also achieved. The ethical values do not state that people should not acquire wealth. Rather it states that they should acquire wealth by legitimate means and help those people around. This would enable in the growth of the society as well as help people reach their ultimate spiritual destination. Conclusion. To conclude, utilitarianism only focuses on the ultimate end result. It does not factor in the actions that the people undertake to reach a particular goal. On the other hand, deontology asks the people to adopts an approach where the actions taken to achieve the end result is also factored. This is the most important rule according to many philosophers. There have been many theories that discusses about the ways in which the people can reach a balance between spirituality and practical life. One of the most important aspect of the practical life is materialism. People need to have certain material comfort to live in this world. This pursuit of money making is not considered as a sin. But the people should adopt legal means to gain wealth. This wealth gaining process should not hurt others or cheat them. From applying deontological principles, the people should have an approach of following ethics and help others in need. This would enable the people to live a material life that is a dequate and also enable them to live a life of spiritual attainment. Reference: Atkinson, David J., David F. Field, Arthur F. Holmes, and Oliver O'Donovan, eds.New dictionary of Christian ethics pastoral theology. InterVarsity Press, 2013. Brunner, Emil, and Olive Wyon.The divine imperative: a study in Christian ethics. James Clarke Co., 2002. 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Pope, Stephen J.Human evolution and Christian ethics. Vol. 28. Cambridge University Press, 2007. Ramsey, P., 1950.Basic christian ethics. Westminster John Knox Press. Rudman, Stanley.Concepts of person and Christian ethics. Vol. 11. Cambridge University Press, 2008. Swimberghe, Krist RG.When Corporate Policies and Consumer Values Collide: Examining the Relationship Between Religion and Controversial Business Decisions. ProQuest, 2009. Wogaman, J. Philip.Christian ethics: A historical introduction. Westminster John Knox Press, 2010.

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Expansion Of A Chinese Company Into Chile †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Expansion Of A Chinese Company Into Chile? Answer: Introducation China Hongqiao Group is a leading Chinese multinational national enterprise (MNE) manufacturing aluminium products and forming corporate strategies to enter Chile. Chile has strong trade relationships with various countries in the world which have positive implications on the companies that enter its markets. The country has strong international trade relationship with the major markets in the world like the United of America, Europe and Asia. Considering this fact it can be commented that China Hongqiao Group, the leading aluminum manufacturing Chinese company would benefit from its expansion into Chile (Limited 2017). The first implication of China Hongqiao Group entering Chile is that the company would be able to exploit the mineral reserves of the country. As indicated in the PESTEL analysis, Chile is endowed with several mineral resources like copper, iron ore, manganese, silver, gold and nitrates (Appendix). The country is the largest producer and exporter of copper in the world ( 2017). Thus, entering Chile would allow China Hongqiao to exploit its mineral resources. The company is primarily an aluminium alloy, aluminium alloy ingots and aluminium alloy products manufacturer. The company can import aluminium into the country since it does not have reserves of aluminium. Then it can exploit the copper resources available in Chile to manufacture products like bearings made from the alloy of the two metals. The PESTEL analysis also shows that the Chile is technologically very advanced (Yadav and Pavlou 2014). This means that China Hongqiao Group can manufacture metallic products using advanced methods at cheap prices and larger quantity. This implies that entering Chile would enable China Hongqiao Group to diversify its product line, enter new alloy markets in Chile and earn high revenue (Guercini and Runfola 2014). It can inferred from the partnering with Chilean companies would serve as an appropriate market entry strategy for China Hongqiao Group to enter Chilean economy. However, the Chilean laws place certain restrictions on investment mines by foreign companies to promote its domestic mining companies. This implies that on one hand entry of foreign markets gives multinational corporations access to new resources while on the other hand it exposes them to restrictions imposed by governments on foreign companies (Castao Labajo and Xiao 2015). The second implication of China Hongqiao Groups entry into the Chilean market is access to new profitable business partnerships. The country of Chile does not have aluminium reserve but has the largest reserve of copper. It must be noted that the two metals combine into alloy which finds use in manufacture of various products like aircrafts, naval underwater architecture and engine components (Strauss 2016). This high commercial utility of aluminium and copper implies that the company can enter into Chilean firms to provide them with aluminium. Aluminium is not found in Chile which implies that it limits the manufacturing companies in the country from manufacturing aluminium products. China Hongqiao Group can enter into partnership as the fit market entry strategy with these companies to provide them with aluminium and get copper in return (Grant 2016). Business contracts of these types will enable both the Chinese firm and the Chilean manufacturing companies to boost each others pro duction. However, on entering Chile China Hongqiao Group would face challenges from aluminium companies which already have strong presence in the country. This would imply China Hongqiao Group to form strategies to counteract competition from these already existing aluminium manufacturers. Thus it can be inferred that entering Chilean market has both negative and positive implications. It will result in new profitable partnerships on one hand and expose China Hongqiao Group to competition from already existing aluminium manufacturers (Hohenthal, Johanson and Johanson 2014). China Hongqiao Group can enter the Chilean market and use it as a base to expand in the emerging South American market. As indicated by the external environmental analysis of Chile, China Hongqiao Group can make use of the bilateral trade agreements between Chile and its trading partner nations to expand its business with the USA and the EU. Chile also has strong strategic trade relationship with the other South American countries like Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil. The country is a member of Mercosur, the trade bloc formed by South American countries to allow free trade amongst them. This implies that entering Chilean market and occupying high position in it would allow China Hongqiao to expand into the other South American countries more easily (Krush Sohi and Saini 2015). Thus, entering Chilean market would provide opportunities to the Chinese company to expand in the emerging markets of South America and earn enormous revenue. The formal institutions like government policies, unions, innovation centres and international organisations have strong implication on the choice of foreign market entry strategy and impact the corporate strategies of the multinational enterprises like China Hongqiao Group. The first implication of the formal institutions on the market entry strategy of MNEs is that the former lays the policies for the later to follow while expanding into foreign markets like Chile. The government of Chile encourage free trade, open market policies, zero tariffs, solid business policies and low corruption (Fuentelsaz et al. 2015). The governments between countries often form trade agreements which encourage commerce and exchange of resources. For example, the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Chile allow free movements of goods and services between the two countries. The international conventions like the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD ) facilitate flow of foreign direct investment into emerging markets like Chile ( 2017). The implication of the laws and policies laid down by the formal institutions like governments are that the companies have to frame their corporate strategies following these laws. The second implication of the formal institutions on the market entry strategies of the MNEs is that they encourage innovation. The research laboratories allow the business organisations carry out open innovations. These open innovations allow the organisations to collaborate with the overseas laboratories and share resources and knowledge which make the innovation even more effective (Rodrguez-Molina et al. 2014). This implies that the business organisations are able to bring about more innovative products suited to the new markets to meet the specific needs of the customers in that market. China Hongqiao Group can collaborate with the metal research laboratories in Chile to conduct study on new uses of aluminium copper alloys. This will help it to introduce new innovation products from aluminium copper alloy to serve new needs of the customers (Yadav and Pavlou 2014). This introduction of new products enable to firm to gain a new loyal base of customers and generate high revenue. T his implies that formal institutions like research laboratories help the firms to bring about innovations in their products and gain competitive advantage in the market. The third implication of formal institutions on the MNEs and their strategies is that the former provides financial support to the latter. The formal institutions like banks provide multiple facilities to the multinational companies like China Hongqiao Group (Diebold and Y?lmaz 2014). The banks provide the multinational companies with loans and other financial support to achieve business expansion and growth (Gennaioli, Martin and Rossi 2014). The banks and other financial institutions manage the investment portfolio of the multinational companies and help them to earn high rate of returns by investing in the foreign securities. The banks facilitate currency exchange to the multinational companies which allow them to carry on international trade in the foreign countries using multiple currencies and earn high profits (Madura 2014). This implies that the formal institutions like banks provide loans, allows investment in foreign securities and facilitate multicurrency transactions to f acilitate the multinational companies to expand and grow in the foreign market. This in turn implies that formal institutions like banks provide financial support to the international companies like China Hongqiao Group which account for their high competitive advantage in the market (Flannery 2016). The informal institutions like cultures and norms prevalent in a certain market have very strong implications on the consumption patterns of customers and in turn impact the revenue generations of the multinational companies. The cultural perceptions and beliefs of the consumers of a market affect their purchase patterns, consumption habits and their demand for goods (Holmes Jr et al. 2013). This in turn effects the sale of goods of multinational companies like China Hongqiao Group. It must be noted that there are great differences about perception of values and behaviour between the eastern countries like China and western countries like Chile (Du and Boateng 2015). For example, both Chile and China have very high power index but differ in individualism index. Chile encourages individual projection of emotions and gives importance to personal achievements. China on the other hand encourages collectivists view and does not encourage show of personal achievements (Hu et al. 2014). Chi na Hongqiao Group have to take into these differences while entering the Chilean market. This implies it must promote its goods to attract Chilean customer by incorporating Chilean customs in its promotional strategies. This in turn implies that by promoting goods and upholding Chilean customers, the company will be able to attract huge customer base and generate high profits by offering goods to them (Evanschitzky et al. 2014). It can be summed up that entering foreign markets have both positive and negative implications on the multinational companies. The multinational companies gain to access to the resources of foreign countries by entering its market. Again on the other hand it exposes them to stiff competition from the already existing business firms. Both the situations necessitate the multinational companies to form corporate strategies to deal with them. Formal institutions like governments, laboratories and financial institutions have strong impacts on the foreign expansion strategies. The government makes laws while the financial institutions provide financial support to these MNEs. The innovation laboratories assist them in carrying out open innovations. The informal institutions too have very strong implications on the strategies of the MNEs. The difference in culture and customers impact the consumption patterns of the consumers. These as result impact the sale of products of companies and thei r revenue generation. All these informal institutions too have very strong implications on the MNEs and their business. References: Aisen, A. and Veiga, F.J., 2013. How does political instability affect economic growth?.European Journal of Political Economy,29, pp.151-167. Arizta, T., Kleine, D., Maria das Graas, S.L., Agloni, N., Afonso, R. and Bartholo, R., 2014. Ethical consumption in Brazil and Chile: Institutional contexts and development trajectories.Journal of Cleaner Production,63, pp.84-92. Castao Labajo, V. and Xiao, J., 2015. Market Entry, Strategy and Business Development in Mobile Health (mHealth) Industry. Diebold, F.X. and Y?lmaz, K., 2014. 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China Hongqiao Group Limited: Private Company Information - Bloomberg. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Aug. 2017]. Madura, J., 2014.Financial markets and institutions. Nelson Education. Rodrguez-Molina, J., Martnez-Nez, M., Martnez, J.F. and Prez-Aguiar, W., 2014. Business models in the smart grid: challenges, opportunities and proposals for prosumer profitability.Energies,7(9), pp.6142-6171. Strauss, J., 2016.E-marketing. Routledge. the Guardian. 2017. Mining and logging companies 'leaving all of Chile without water'. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Aug. 2017]. Yadav, M.S. and Pavlou, P.A., 2014. Marketing in computer-mediated environments: Research synthesis and new directions.Journal of Marketing,78(1), pp.20-40.

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Right And Left Brain Essays - Cerebrum, Neuroscience,

Right And Left Brain Right Brain, Left Brain The article in which I chose to examine is called Right Brain, Left Brain: Fact and Fiction, written by Jerre Levy. In the past fifteen years or so there has been a lot of talk of left brain and right brain people. Levy's reason for righting this article was clearly to stop the misconceptions and show the truth about how our brain hemispheres operate. Levy first explores the myth of the left brain and right brain theory. She states that generally people see the left hemisphere of the brain controlling logic and language and the right, creativity and intuition. In addition people differ in their styles of thought, depending on which half of the brain is dominant. She believes that most of what these notions state is farce. Next the article explores the history of this fascination of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Apparently the study of this aspect of the brain traces back to time of Hippocrates. Levy weaves in and out of the various theories and prominent people known for contributing to the confusion. It wasn't until 1962 when Roger W. Sperry began experimenting on certain aspects of the brain that contribute to the truth of the left and right brain theory. Sperry studied people who had undergone surgical division of the corpus callosum, the bridge between the two hemispheres. His studies showed that, an object placed in the right hand (left hemisphere) could be named readily, but one placed in the left hand (nonverbal right hemisphere) could be neither named nor described. Next to branch off of Sperry's studies was psychologist Doreen Kimura. Kimura developed behavioral methods which involved presenting visual stimuli rapidly to either the left or right visual fields. Another important method developed was dichotic listening which centered around the use of sound to study the hemispheres. Through these tests and the continual study the theory that the left brain controlled ended. Instead a new theory was born known as the two-brain theory. This said that at different times one of the two hemispheres would be operating. An example of this is that the right hemisphere is in control when an artist paints but the left hemisphere was in control when a novelist wrote a book. This theory failed because of one physical studies showed that people with hemispheres surgically disconnected could operate in everyday life. Also, research demonstrated that each hemisphere had its own functional expertise, and that the two halves were complementary. Next, the article states its worth. The author shows the up to date agreed upon theory of the two hemispheres in five simple points. 1. The two hemispheres are so similar that when they are disconnected by split-brain surgery, each can function remarkably well, although quite imperfectly 2. Although they are remarkably similar they are also different. The differences are seen in contrasting contributions. Each hemisphere contributes something to every action a person takes. 3. Logic is not confined to the left hemisphere. Although dominant in the left logic is present in the right hemisphere. 4. There is no evidence that either creativity or intuition is an exclusive property of the right hemisphere. Same theory as #3. 5. Since the two hemispheres do not function independently, and since each hemisphere contributes its special capacities to all cognitive activities, it is quite impossible to educate one hemisphere at a time in a normal brain. Levy comes to the conclusion that people are not purely left or right brained. There is a continuum in which the hemispheres work together in harmony. Often the left or right hemisphere is more active in some people but it is never the sole operator. She concludes, We have a single brain that generates a single mental self. Compared to what we did in class related to the left and right hemispheres of the brain, both what we learned and the article taught were extremely similar. Our exercise showed that we are not left or right brained but merely somewhere on the scale between left and right brain. Some of us were extreme left, few extreme right and most in the middle leaning left a bit (this is where I fell). I could not agree more with what we did in class and the article I read. The author wrote a fabulous complete article. In my summary which probably was a little lengthy, I feel I am not doing the author just. She had so much wonderful background that there was no way to include it

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What is a Dedicated Server (And When Do You Need One)

Much like many other new site owners, you probably opted for shared hosting when you first launched your website. After all, it’s the cheapest option, and budget is important. However, as your website grows, it’s important to know when to upgrade to something more substantial. There are plenty of options, and you may have pondered, What is a dedicated server – and why do I need one?The answer lies in the reasons for wanting to upgrade in the first place. For example, you may be dealing with a rise in immediate traffic, or anticipating growth in the near future. Dedicated servers are ideal for this, along with their strong enhanced security features and potential positive impact on page loading times.In this guide, we’ll explain what dedicated servers are, then compare this type of hosting to other common types. Then we’ll offer some advice on how to decide whether or not dedicated hosting is right for you. Let’s get started! Dedicated hosting essentially means that your website has its own server all to itself. It offers immense power and flexibility, but usually comes at a premium. As such, its important to do your research before opting to purchase this type of plan.For example, most websites start out with a shared hosting plan but soon grow to exceed that cheap shared plans limits. Your options here could include an upgrade to a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated one. Its up to you to weigh up the different options.As you may be aware, shared hosting stores  your site on a server with potentially hundreds of others. For personal blogs or very small businesses, this option is sufficient. However, its not the best option for performance, and you also lose out on flexibility because you cant configure things yourself (since you have to share with others).On the other hand, a VPS gives your site its own space, separate from other sites, while still sharing a server. Since your site is blocked off from other u sers, its performance will likely be more consistent. You also get a little more flexibility when it comes to how your server is configured.These types of plans can offer you the speed you need at a lower cost than dedicated hosting, and represent a good middle ground for those looking to upgrade.However, dedicated hosting is the plan of choice if you need the most power for your money. However, as youd expect, the downside is cost, and some run up to three-figures per month. Fortunately, by the time your website needs one to handle its traffic, it may very well be worth it.Why would you need a dedicated server (4 key reasons)?As we mentioned, dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful server plans available, along with cloud hosting. However, you may be asking whether you need it. Lets review four reasons you should consider opening your wallet!1. Your website is growing and needs to be able to handle an increase in trafficIf you anticipate that your website is going to grow qui ckly, it might be a good idea to opt for a dedicated server now. For example, if your site is still using shared hosting when your traffic spikes, its performance could drop significantly. This can be a slippery slope of higher bounce rates and loss of revenue.  Its important to give yourself time to migrate your site and settle its performance before any potential problems arise.According to FXBlog, your site should be prepared to handle spikes of up to  30 times  your normal daily traffic, to account for promotions and special events. If youre not prepared, your site could crash or otherwise lead to a negative user experience (UX).2. Security is a concern for your websiteSecurity is important for every website, but especially for those handling sensitive information. This could include confidential emails, credit card numbers, or sensitive customer information. Its crucial to protect this information and your website from viruses, hacks, and other risks.With a dedicated serv er, youre completely in charge of your sites security. This means you can optimize the features you need for the specific requirements of your website and stored files. Of course, youre also responsible for how these features are implemented, but this is one of the benefits of flexibility.However, some hosts offer fully-managed and semi-managed maintenance plans. In a nutshell, you can often specify what both you and your host will be responsible for, which means you can trust an expert with mission-critical functionality, while handling all other concerns directly.3. Youd like your page loading times to be optimalYour page loading times can have a significant impact on practically all aspects of your website. Slow pages can lead to low engagement metrics and high bounce rates. A dedicated server can help you to optimize this aspect of your website as much as possible.On a shared server, you won’t have any insight into when the server’s resources are being used elsewhe re, which could make your site run slowly. Opting for a dedicated server will guarantee you have the bandwidth you need to enhance your page loading times.4. Having control over your server is important to youThe final reason you may want to choose a dedicated server over other options is a simple one: control. Weve alluded to this in previous sections, but dedicated hosting gives you complete responsibility over how you choose to use your server.For example, youre even free to choose the server software you prefer. If you favor the resource control of NGINX over Apache, you have the power to do so. Plus, you can adjust hardware specifications and install your own operating system (OS).  Because of this, dedicated hosting may be an enticing option for advanced web developers, and those with unique and specific requirements.Where can you get dedicated hosting?Youll find that many of the popular hosting companies offer plans on the whole spectrum of complexity and price. This means that youll often find a cheap shared hosting setups and powerful dedicated servers from the same company.Some of our favorites are:Bluehost from $79.99/moA2 Hosting from $99.59/moSiteGround from $269.00/moWhen should you opt for a dedicated server?Now weve gone over some of the benefits of dedicated hosting, lets talk briefly about how to know if its right for you. After all, a VPS provides many of the same features, but at a cheaper price.First, consider whether your site is receiving more traffic. If the numbers are much higher than previously, it may be time to upgrade from your current plan. Your choice will either be VPS, cloud hosting, or dedicated hosting.All three offer the potential for large bandwidths and fast page loading times. However, dedicated hosting has an edge over a VPS when it comes to security, if only because you have absolute control over how the server runs and operates.Ultimately, as with many other WordPress considerations, your decision will depend on the specific needs of your website. Certainly, if budget is no concern, you cant go wrong with a dedicated server. However, much like choosing your very first hosting plan, cost will become a primary concern when making your decision.Conclusion on what is a dedicated serverIf your website is struggling to keep up with an increase in traffic, it may be time to migrate your website to a dedicated server. This is essentially a server that only hosts your site, and not only can it improve your sites performance, but also enhance your page loading times and help you optimize security. You want to have control over every aspect of your server.Do you have any questions about dedicated servers and why you might need one? Ask away in the comments section below!Free guide5 Essential Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress SiteReduce your loading time by even 50-80% just by following simple tips. * This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and then purc hase the product, well receive a small fee. No worries though, youll still pay the standard amount so theres no cost on your part.

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Mise-en-scene in Igby Goes Down Essay Example

Mise Mise-en-scene in Igby Goes Down Essay Mise-en-scene in Igby Goes Down Essay Igby Goes Down is a film made in 2002, directed by Burr Steers and starring Kieran Culkin in the lead role. This movies cynical and oppressed attitude is expressed to the audience using a variety of mise-en-scene techniques, to wordlessly explain the true intentions of the characters, who are usually caught up in a carefully maintained faà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ade. Due to this, the actors portraying these characters have utilised many performance techniques to subtly convey true meaning and to generate emotional and intellectual response in the audience. The establishing scene of the film is the chronological end of the events within it, and so it offers a great deal about the story through mise-en-scene and performance. The shot opens on a grand, polished mahogany door, with gold gilding and a golden doorknob. This immediately shows the audience that the setting of this scene is one of luxury and grandeur, and that its inhabitants are most likely very wealthy from this it is possible to easily infer aspects of the plot and characters, as it is common in films to have such upper-class individuals display obvious signs of self-repression and addictions to prescribed drugs, a socially acceptable addiction. The shot pans from the door, into the room it belongs to, where we see Susan Sarandon lying on a large, antique-looking bed. It is now obvious that the inhabitants of this particular household are wealthy, so much so that they afford to have extravagant tissue dispensers, adorned with the familys crest. The image of a rich, American family is built up in the audiences mind, which allows them to gain certain expectations of what the story will be about, and what the characters will be like by relying on previous movies they have seen. Either side of the bed the audience can see two, distinctly different lamps, and due to the size of the bed and the age of Susan Sarandon it is easy to assume she lies in a marital bed. These two lamps symbolise the differences between Susan Sarandons character and her husband, so much so that they are unable to even choose a uniform lamp to have in their room. This hints towards deep-seated marital problems that audiences have come to expect from similar characters in both film and literature. The audience at this point are being made to ponder on the possible outcomes of such a situation, and thus building up pre-perceptions of the movie. This means that the audience are vulnerable to being manipulated into a false sense of security, and allows the film-makers to shock and surprise the viewer with unconventional plot-twists and turns. From the guttural breathing coming out of Susan Sarandons mouth the audience is made aware that she is dying, and in her deathbed, as it were. The film-makers have placed two large bouquets of dark red, wild roses either side of the bed, playing on an old tradition of leaving a single red, wild rose on the graves of the newly deceased, to stop them from rising from the dead. This very subtle and clever use of mise-en-scene is very telling of Sarandons character; It firstly tells us that she is not well loved by the people she knows, as due to the large number of roses it is obvious that no one wants her coming back from the grave. The sheer number of roses is also very telling, as it could demonstrate how although it usually only takes one rose to keep the dead in their place, this woman requires dozens, implying two things; that she is greatly disliked, and that she is a wilful, guileless woman, who wouldnt even let death get in her way. As the camera pans across the rest of the room we see two young men, her sons, are sitting on the bed, looking at her. Neither looks particularly concerned, implying either they have no heartache over her dying, or they have already come to peace with it, which further implies that her death has been a long-time coming, or planned. The next shot is the first of Igby, the central character, in a mid-close-up shot. Igby looks up from the bed and at his mother in a manner that suggests he is incredibly bored and resentful of the situation and his mother. This single look instantly tells the audience a lot about their relationship, and that their turbulent affiliation with one another will act as a key theme for the movie. This supports the impression of a rich, dysfunctional family that the audience have gained so far. The first words of the film are uttered by Igby, in the same MCU shot; Why couldnt she have been a fucking smoker? This is a puzzling line, delivered in a dead-pan manner that will be associated with Igby throughout the film. The first words of the film seem to clash with the situation, as an audience would not suspect a son to wish smoking upon their dying mother. From the slouched posture and impatient tone, it is easy to understand Igbys feelings when it comes to the death of his mother; he merely wants it to be over with, and responds to this want with the perfectly logical thought that if she had been a smoker, she wouldnt be taking so long to die. This sentiment also tells us a lot about Igby as a person, showing him to be a cynical, sarcastic teenager, with little thought for social convention or for what other people think. This is used to show the contrast with his brother, Oliver, who staunchly replies to Igby that This has nothing to do with her being in such wonderful shape in the equally dead-pan, yet more condescending tone of his brother. This is indicative of Olivers nature, presenting him as some who will even flatter a dying woman who is seemingly unaware of his presence, and thus displaying him as an un-ashamed brown-noser, who is only concerned with outward affluence. Oliver is dressed in a fine, tailored suit, tie done up to the top, gold cufflinks and polished shoes. Because of this the viewers can determine that Oliver is far more comfortable in the extravagancy of his lifestyle than Igby, who, although is dressed in a similar suit has an air of scruffiness about him; his tie done up incorrectly, his top three buttons undone and a tear in the arm of his jacket. This furthers the image of Igby as a rebellious and acerbic teenager. The contrast between Igby and his brother conveys to the audience how very different they are, and hints at how Igby is probably considered the figurative black sheep of the family, which would tie in with his loathing of his mother and is apparent discomfort with the situation as a whole. Deducing from the title, and what has happened so far in the film the audience can determine that much of the narrative will take place from Igbys point of view, and will deal with his alienation from his family and his disgust at the society they belong to. It is also worthwhile noticing that any close-up shot of Igby will only contain him, and everything behind him will out of focus or distorted in someway. This technique is present throughout the film and gives a visual aid to Igbys lack of interest and his typical teenage self-obsession. As the scene progresses the situation becomes obvious, the two sons are killing their mother under her instructions, but due to the fact that she has built up a tolerance to most kinds of drugs she has not suffered from the overdose as intended. This is pointed out by Oliver in an aggravated tone that shows him to be a character who does not like to fail; something that we can assume from what we know is inherited from his mother. As she continues to not die, Igby and Oliver bicker regarding insignificant events that happened many years in the past, such as Oliver breaking Igbys toy train. This bickering is made to appear typical of anytime the two brothers are with one another, and continues to display how dysfunctional this family is, and how much Igby seems to resent Oliver for always being the favourite. This all makes it obvious to the audience of Igbys place in the family, implied by language to be Dads son, as opposed to his mothers son, a metaphorical way of showing the audie nce that Igby takes after his father, not his mother. This apparent family divide is made all the more strong by the unexplained absence of the father of Oliver and Igby. Overall, the opening five minutes are incredibly foretelling of the events to unfold in the movie, and give the audience a clear picture of what Igby, Oliver and their mothers character are like. This movie uses mise-en-scene and performance to cleverly and subtly explain the movie before it has even began.

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Charles X of France essays

Charles X of France essays When Charles X ascended the throne (1824) he was 67 years old. He had become bigoted and set in his ways. However, the people of France seemed to welcome his ascension due to their jealousy over the British Monarchy. Had Charles X perhaps been more accommodating to the needs of the ordinary people of France, or acted more subtly, his reign promised to be a successful one. So why was it that it lasted only 6 years (1824-30)? One of the mistakes that Charles X made was his failure to reconcile the gains of the revolution with the Ultras. This may have caused some conflict. Charles X, who was the leader of the Ultras, was open about the connection and made it clear that the aims of the Ultras went against the Charter and many of the main gains of the revolution. For example, the revolution had gained freedom of the press, of association, of speech and movement, as well as careers being open to talent and equality before the law. However, the Ultras wanted a return to a feudalistic system where strict censorship of the press was enforced, and aristocratic privileges restored. The prospect of these aims being gratified was abhorrent to the people of France, hence their suspicions of a monarch so obviously in favour of the Ultra movement. These suspicions grew when Charles X began to put some of the aims of the Ultras into practice. For example, the re-admittance of the Jesuits into France, the disban ding of the National Guard and civil militia and the re-establishment of censorship of the press. The French people were scared of a return to the unjust era, which preceded the revolution of 1789. One of the fears of the French people was that Charles X would recover the estates that used to belong to the migrs, as this was an aim of the Ultras. However, Charles X did not do so. He instead compensated the migrs in 1825, which confirmed the current lan ...

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How to Calculate Normality of a Solution

How to Calculate Normality of a Solution The normality of a solution is the gram equivalent weight of a solute per liter of solution. It may also be called the equivalent concentration.  It is indicated using the symbol N, eq/L, or meq/L ( 0.001 N) for units of concentration. For example, the concentration of a hydrochloric acid solution might be expressed as 0.1 N HCl. A gram equivalent weight or equivalent is a measure of the reactive capacity of a given chemical species (ion, molecule, etc.). The equivalent value is determined using the molecular weight and valence of the chemical species. Normality is the only concentration unit that is reaction dependent. Here are examples of how to calculate the normality of a solution. Key Takeaways Normality is a unit of concentration of a chemical solution expressed as gram equivalent weight of solute per liter of solution. A defined equivalence factor must be used to express concentration.Common units of normality include N, eq/L, or meq/L.Normality is the only unit of chemical concentration that depends on the chemical reaction being studied.Normality is not the most common unit of concentration, nor is its use appropriate for all chemical solutions. Typical situations when you might use normality include acid-base chemistry, redox reactions, or precipitation reactions. For most other situations, molarity or molality are better options for units. Normality Example #1 The easiest way to find normality is from molarity. All you need to know are how many mole of ions dissociate. For example, a 1 M sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is 2 N for acid-base reactions because each mole of sulfuric acid provides 2 moles of H ions. 1 M sulfuric acid is 1 N for sulfate precipitation since 1 mole of sulfuric acid provides 1 mole of sulfate ions. Normality Example #2 36.5 grams of hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a 1 N (one normal) solution of HCl. A normal is one gram equivalent of a solute per liter of solution. Since hydrochloric acid is a strong acid that dissociates completely in water, a 1 N solution of HCl would also be 1 N for H or Cl- ions for acid-base reactions. Normality Example #3 Find the normality of 0.321 g sodium carbonate in a 250 mL solution. To solve this problem, you need to know the formula for sodium carbonate. Once you realize there are two sodium ions per carbonate ion, the problem is simple: N 0.321 g Na2CO3  x (1 mol/105.99 g) x (2 eq/1 mol)N 0.1886 eq/0.2500 LN 0.0755 N Normality Example #4 Find the percent acid (eq wt 173.8) if 20.07 mL of 0.1100 N base is required to neutralize 0.721 g of a sample. This is essentially a matter of being able to cancel out units to obtain the final result. Remember, if given a value in milliliters (mL), its necessary to convert it to liters (L). The only tricky concept is realizing the acid and base equivalence factors will be in a 1:1 ratio. 20.07 mL x (1 L/1000 mL) x (0.1100 eq base/1 L) x (1 eq acid/1 eq base) x (173.8 g/1 eq) 0.3837 g acid When to Use Normality There are specific circumstances when its preferable to use normality rather than molarity or other unit of concentration of a chemical solution. Normality is used in acid-base chemistry to describe the concentration of hydronium (H3O) and hydroxide (OH-). In this situation, 1/feq is an integer.The equivalence factor or normality is used in precipitation reactions to indicate the number of ions that will precipitate. Here, 1/feq is once again and integer value.In redox reactions, the equivalence factor indicates how many electrons can be donated or accepted by an oxidizing or reducing agent. For redox reactions, 1/feq may be a fraction. Considerations Using Normality Normality is not an appropriate unit of concentration in all situations. First, it requires a defined equivalence factor. Second, the normality is not a set value for a chemical solution. Its value can change according to the chemical reaction being examined. For example, a solution of CaCl2 that is 2 N with respect to the chloride (Cl-) ion would only be 1 N with respect to the magnesium (Mg2) ion. Reference The use of the equivalence concept. IUPAC (archived).

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Analyses Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analyses - Research Paper Example Research is a key part of our heritage at Nestle and an essential element of our future. We know there is still much to discover about health, wellness, and the role of food in our lives, and we continue to search for answers to bring consumers good food for good life† ( â€Å"Nestle strives to be a leader in nutrition, health and wellness, with the belief that good food is central to health and wellness. At the Nestle Research Center, nutrition research meets food innovation to bring consumers of all ages and stages of life, foods and beverages that contribute to health and wellness, while offering remarkable taste and convenience† ( The more consumers continue to make food or beverage choice, Nestle is always available in such situations to assist in selection for everyone’s taste and lifestyle preferences. At Nestle, research is part of the key elements of the company’s heritage and is an essential component of Company’s future. At Nestle, discoveries resolve to provide wellness, health, and the role of food people’s lives. That is reason we continue to hunt for more answers to bring consumers Good Food for Good Life. Nestle shows recognition of consumer’s sincere and legitimate interests in the Company’s beliefs, behaviors, and actions and as such, Nestle understands that without the customers the Company cannot exist. Nestle believes in general legislation of rule as is the most effective tool for safeguarding responsible conduct (Letmathe, 2004). However, additional staff guidance in form of voluntary business principles is beneficial since it meets the highest stan dards through organization. Nestle maintains a conscious fact that, a corporation’s success reflects management and employee professionalism, responsible attitude, and ethical code of conduct. The corporate values of Nestle display that this Company understands that the lifeblood of

To what degree are these representation positive,negative, or Essay

To what degree are these representation positive,negative, or politically mixed - Essay Example Television is embedded into culture and therefore significantly explains the observed gradual transformation of the social order through centuries. In respect of the Sex and The City (2003), â€Å"A Woman’s Right To Shoes† (season 6, episode 9) it is evident that the television technology is one of the greatest players when it comes to social reorganization that has been experienced over the years. It is imperative that some of the terms in this topic of gender under television media analysis are defined to give an insight into the underlying supportive ideas over the subject. Cultural forum is one of the concepts that need clear definition in respect of the existing relationship between television and media. In respect of television technology, the contemporary cultural system of the world undergoes continuous examination by the work of art. Television coverage explores various issues around the world and the aggregate role of this media therefore sums up as either inf ormative or entertaining. The outstanding function of television is its exemplary recognition of the female gender, the minority group and children in the social framework. By transmitting various scenes of socio-political issues across the world, television has significantly opened up the society and is almost initiating a gradual convergence in culture which promotes awareness of women rights and affirmative action. Television discussions are also giving men consideration in terms of fair treatment from the fairer sex as cast by this episode. Sex is represented as a biological concept that distinguishes anatomy of humanity in the society while gender is derived from the social definition. The television has been instrumental in exploring the gender biasness that exists between women and men. In respect of the program line up in the television channels, it is common to find that the timing and planning is strategically formulated in a way that it befits the various audiences. The e merging reorganization of the television content including the soaps, live shows, talks are targeting a given audience with a hint on the work and leisure relationship. The widespread cases of housewives that were common gave the television program managers incentive to come up with family chores related discussions. The concepts highlighted in the episode above gives an extensive family issues twists and the contemporary change of events as far as the gender roles are concerned. Television has been one of the political tools for helping women get their voice heard in the cycle of politics in the society. This is achieved through debates that expose women as the equals of men in terms of political leadership. Social constructionism has played a vital role in helping research remold the grounded theory in social research. The social constructionists have been on the view that knowledge is not created by constructed. The media have the in-depth psychological concepts of its audience a nd this has been an advantage at their disposal in constructing various issues which when passed to the people they perceive as true. Television causes a lot of illusion that cannot be avoided by any person due to the uncensored explanations they provide to support their findings. This has been the force behind the outcry on the unfair gender disparity in terms of various decision making institutions. Political scene around the world has greatly been influenced by